We develop Renewable Energy Projects in Solar, Wind and Biomass

Who We Are

We are developers of Renewable Energy Systems (RES)
We developed the FIRST Wind Farm in Greece in the Year 2000
We developed the FIRST Photovoltaic Park of 1 MW in Greece in 2007
We developed over 1,5 GW in Renewable Energy Projects

Among our satisfied customers are the Italian ENEL, Libra Group ,AES SOLAR Inc. ,  Carlyle Group together with AES from USA as well, and too many Greek customers to mention

We have under development 40 MW of a Wind Park in Northern Greece and 200MW of Photovoltaic Parks in the same region!

A.N. MAXIMUS SOLAR THERMAL is a special Purpose Company Headquartered in Cyprus, established in 2008 to develop specifically this Solar/Thermal project . (Cyprus Company register )



AN Maximus Solar Thermal in Cyprus and its subsidiary MAXIMUS TERRA S.A. in Greece just developed an 111,2 MW Solar Thermal Project for 36 Greek Companies, producing electricity utilizing the sun thermal energy.  It will be installed on 300 hectares located in North West Greece

MAXIMUS TERRA S.A. is currently working on a 200 MW Photovoltaic project and it is on the Land acquisition stage before starting the licensing procedure.


Key persons in A.N. MAXIMUS SOLAR THERMAL Ltd.

Vicky Markidou Economist , Founder, President, Shareholder
Manos Ioannidis, Economist, CEO Shareholder
Nick Giatas, Economist General Manager
Iordanis Tapakarakis, Economist, Project Manager